Our web design process

Our web design process

This is a brief introduction to the web design process. This is the process we will follow if we work with you on your web site.

A consistent process, followed every time, ensures that nothing is forgotten, everything is considered and no aspect of the project is left to chance.

As you would expect, our web design process has changed and evolved over the twenty years we have been designing and building web sites.

But the fundamental stages remain the same.

These are detailed below:


Meeting you, understanding your business, your customers, your vision and aims and how the internet can help you.
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Design and building your web site, to answer your immediate requirements, but also future proofing you and preparing you for the next phase of your business.
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Testing against the agreed proposals and user-requirements, as well as making sure all security is in place.
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Ongoing support

Giving you the support you need beyond launch, with advice, technical support and knowing we've always got your back.


Before we start any work, we will visit you at your premises and get to know understand your business fully.

This is key to ensure that not only do we get your brand, your customers and your vision, but can recognise the areas where the web as a whole can help you succeed.

Websites are not just about lovely looking sites. They are the multi-faceted workhorses of your business. They advertise and attract potential customers and get them to enquire more about you. They tell users exactly what you do and why you’re the best. They assist in turning potential customers to real actual paying customers.

And they can also help your business run with

  • customer relationship management,
  • e-commerce
  • and integrated business systems.

Pre-Production allows us to understand your aims and for both you and us to see the bigger picture for your business harnessing the power of the internet.


The stage which has changed the most from when we first started building web sites twenty years ago is production.

This is not only because of the different technologies which now need to be considered in the roll call of channels, but also the way in which people interact with digital channels.

In order to make sure we recognise all aspects of user experience, rather than design web sites with flattened jpgs, we design and build usable internative concepts to demonstrate our proposals clearly.

What this now means is that clients can play with basic prototypes of their sites before we go ahead and furnish them fully. The ensures that they have a much better understanding of how the site will work across a range of devices before signing them off to the build part of this phase.


Once the site has been designed and built, populated with content and tested from our side, we then release the development site for the customer to test.

The development site is available for review by the client throughout development. This means there should never be any surprises come the final presentation and handover!

Only when all parties are happy do we release the web site to live, testing again on the live environment.

After launch, we carry out ongoing security updates. We also monitor all sites on a 24×7 basis, to ensure no sites or servers are compromised.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing maintenance for all site updates, free technical support and advice, as well as our well established and effective SEO service. This ensures that your site ranks high on all search engines for the required searches.

If you’re interested in redeveloping your web site, or would like to talk more about what can be done with your business on line, drop us a line. We’d be delighted to help.