Our six promises to all our clients

Our six promises to all our clients

We are a Salisbury-based web and marketing agency specialising in brand identity, web design, social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

Our aim is to create effective and innovative marketing solutions to help customers harness the power of the Internet to improve their business. Whilst working with an agency can be a daunting experience, we want to make working with us is as easy, fun and inspiring as possible.

Therefore, when you work with enotions, you are guaranteed to be:


Listened to.

We will never impose our thoughts on you. We work collaboratively with all our clients but always respect their wishes at the end of the day.


Treated with respect and without techno-jargon.

We will never try to blind you with digital-science or with techno-waffle. We will always explain things in a clear, down to earth, easy to understand fashion.


Informed of costs.

We never hide the costs for our work. For example, on this web site you can see exactly how much our services cost. We will always make sure you know costs before committing to any work.



We work with one-man bands and sole traders, small family-run businesses and larger medium-sized companies. We appreciate every single customer of ours, for putting the trust in us to run their business for them online.


In control.

You will never be made to do anything with your web site and onsite presence that you do not want to. We will always have your best intentions are heart and will do as you require. You will be in control.


Always looked out for.

We monitor all our sites 24×7, to make sure that they are safe, secure and functioning exactly as required. If we ever detect a problem, we will action immediately, to make sure your business suffers no or minimum disruption.

Whether customers want to completely change their business, grow their business, make their business work smarter, or simply make things easier to manage online, we are here to help.

Our Six Promises